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Schwarzkopf Hair Dye Colour Cream

Schwarzkopf Hair Dye Colour Cream

Item details
Weight: 170 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Schwarzkopf
Product Options
Hair Dye Colour
  • None
  • 2.0 Shiny Black
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 3.0 Dark Brown
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 3.68 Hibiscus Brown
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 3.88 Mocha Dark Red
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 4.08 Chestnut Brown Red
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 4.57 Natural Brown
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 4.6 Coffee Dark Brown
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 4.7 Cocoa Brown
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 4.89 Coral reddish brown
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 4.9 Roland Deep Purple
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 5.0 Malt light brown
    - Add 0.17kg
  • 5.05 Golden Brown
    - Add 0.17kg
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Note: The products in Dozami Store are only supplied for the domestic market in Malaysia.

◾ Brand: Schwarzkopf
◾ Product category: Hair Dye
◾ Available colours: please refer to the options column
◾ Suitable for all hair types
◾ Specification: Standard
◾ Product Features: Natural ingredients, prevent hair damage, ammonia-free hair dye technology, trendy colours, no irritating smell.

📌Ammonia-Free Hair Dye Technology from Germany
☘Natural Ingredients:
✅Lycium Chinese
✅Herbal "He Shou Wu" (Fallopia multiflora)
✅Angelica Sinensis (female ginseng)

◾ Ship from overseas to Malaysia.

◾ All of our products are 100% authentic.
◾ Note: The photos may slightly differ from the actual product in terms of colour due to the lighting during the photoshoot or the screen display.